made from fresh fruits

not from concentrate

Fruii is made in Thailand. We picked this smiling
land for its sheer quality and variety of tropical
fruit. Here, fruit is so flavorful and fresh that it is
world-renowned as "the kingdom of fruit". Our
juice drinks are made from pure tree-ripened
fruit, not from concentrate, so they have that,
right-from-the-grove, fresh-squeezed taste locked
inside. Fruii is also bottled right at the orchards,
so all the aromas, flavors and nutrients stay with
every bottle of Fruii.

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Besides fruit, Thailand is also the kingdom of smiles,
and our goal at Fruii is that you twist off the cap
and smile. Say the name Fruii and it will have you
smiling. Take a sip of any of our Fruii drinks and it
will have you a grinning from ear to ear.

Fruii, grinnable refreshment.